Forget about those yawn-inducing Pumpkin IPAs! This October, we're stirring the cauldron of mischief and mayhem, giving you a chance to win an array of fiendishly fabulous prizes, including our Grand Prize: a dastardly stylish Leather Top Hat (valued at $270)

Unleash the Villain Within:
Join the #FrightsAndFlights October Madness!

The Schemes—Ahem—Contests:

Weekly Photo Shenanigans:

1.   Capture the Deed: Snap a wicked selfie while enjoying a Dastardly Villain brew.
2    Broadcast Your Infamy: Share your villainous visage on Instagram or Facebook. Tag us at @dastardlyvillainbrewco on Instagram or "Dastardly Villain Brewing Company" on Facebook.
3    Add Your Calling Card: Don't forget the hashtag #FrightsAndFlights.

Weekly winners will be crowned and gifted some Dastardly loot. So let's keep the chaos coming!

Untappd Ratings—The Plot Thickens:

1.   Concoct Your Brew: Savor our malevolent nectars.
2.   Document Your Scheme: Leave your mark by rating us on Untappd.
3.   Reap Your Rewards: Each week, a random villainous rater will snag a unique prize pack. Muahahaha!

Follow us on Untappd here!

The Great Costume Caper:

1.   Suit Up: Don your most devious costume or cosplay. The more villainous, the better!
2.   Strike a Pose: Pair your look with a Dastardly Villain beer and take that photo.
3.   Spread Your Notoriety: Same tagging rules as the Weekly Photo Shenanigans apply.

The most sinister costume will win a prize pack that's simply to die for!

The Ultimate Spoils—The Grand Prize:

Join the Legion of Villainy: Participate in any of the above schemes to be automatically entered to win the grandest of all prizes—a Leather Top Hat to make even the most hardened villain tip their cap.

Prize Gallery

Check out the prizes you can win each week just for posting a selfie with a Dastardly Villain Beer, we draw a second time off each untappd review so you have TWO CHANCES TO WIN EACH WEEK!!!!!

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

Week 1 - tWO heads ARE better

Week 2 - 2 mINIONS PACK


Week 4 - i'LL dRINK TO hAT!