Have you ever built a brewery?  Right, us neither.  

So, it will be a while before we start acquiring our evil equipment and infernal devices of mass beer production before we set up the tap room.  In the mean time here are some picto-graphs of some of the things we have been working on - from the mundane to the mesmerizing!

Full Colour Logo.

Black and White Logo is taking form.

Preliminary Sketch, getting closer to a real logo.

Our Villain starts to take form.

Very early concept sketch.

Very Early Concept sketch.

Test Batches under way...Yes we were homebrewers once!

Tap Handles we made ourselves, installed and pouring beer.

Hand made ceramic tap handles.

What is that first beer going to look like......

Labels under production...oooh shiny.....

Original Art for the taproom, who's your villain?

Lots of beer!  Our first batch ready to roll out!

It's Shiny!  Copper Brass and Gears oh my....

Doesn't that look nice and refreshing?  Yes it does.

Dastardly Villain Radio Ad - Global Domination - 30 Seconds
(Clic Pic)

Dastardly Villain Radio Ad - Death Rays - 30 Seconds
(Clic Pic)

Dastardly Villain Radio Ad - Mad Doctor - 15 Seconds
(Clic Pic)

Our First Official Draft Beer - at Torque

Our "Golden Cereal Bowl Challenge" Entry - Cap'N Dastardly, our Cap'N Crunch Cream Ale

Cap'N Dastardly on tap at Torque Brewing complete with custom T-shirt

Then there were two beers!

Diabolically Decadent Brown Ale, and its components

First sampling of Diabolically Decadent Brown ale vs the prototypes

Fresh Kegs Kegs right from the factory!

Awesome looking kegs - hiding out of sight at a pub near you!

"Cap'N Dastardly" - Something fun for the first ever Cereal Bowl Challenge.  November 2021

Our Beer is on tap!  Park Theatre, Winnipeg November 2021.

Gift Shop is set up at 726 Osborne.  December 2021.

Dark Matter Machine Black Ale rolls off the canning line.
February 2022

And then there were three!  It is starting to feel like a proper product line now.
February 2022

On Tap at the Forks Market!  Stout for St. Paddy's Day!

Gold Medal won in June at The Prairie Beer Awards!

And then there were 4!  Introducing Red Planet Rocketeer - Red Ale!

Flatlanders Beer Fest June 17, 2022

Sinister Intentions - NEIPA is our 5th Beer Release

Winnipeg Beer Fest August 13th, 2022

Happy Birthday to us!   we made it a year! Aug 13th 2022

Birds & Beer Flights, A Beer Tasting at Oak Hammock Marsh, Sept 1 2022

Craft Beer Corner Enjoying Dastardly Beer with Friends, Sept 5 2022

"Count Dastardly" Chocolate Marshmallow Stout was our entry in the #cerealbowlchallenge Oct 2022

"Lemon Creme Cookie Cream Ale", another Fun brewing challenge, another fun beer! January 2023

Brandon Beer Fest May 22, 2023

Planet Smasher released May 4th, 2023

It's spring!  Love is in the is our dreaded dirigible....

April 2023, Alex D joins the team as Evil Hench-rep #1.

The Top Hat crew at Flatlanders June 2 & 3, 2023

Witness the full power of our armed and operational...canopy?

The Evil Dr. Franc-N-Blanc!  Released August 2023